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John Paul I’s Writings as a Bishop and Cardinal Now Available!

I am very happy to announce the publication of A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today, by Tau Cross Books and Media. The press release:

A Pope Passionately in Love with God
John Paul I’s writings inspire deeper faith

New York, September 15, 2013. Thirty-five years after his sudden and untimely death, the “forgotten” Pope John Paul I is about to become better-known. Dr. Lori Pieper, a scholar who has researched Albino Luciani’s life for a number of years, has compiled and translated the first major collection of his writings in English. After decades of fanciful portraits of John Paul I, designed to fit the views of this or that author, his real voice can finally be heard.


A Passionate Adventure: Living the Catholic Faith Today, published by Tau Cross Books and Media in e-book format ($9.99), contains, along with a short biography of the Pope, 38 sermons, articles, essays, synod interventions, talks and interviews, dating from 1959 to 1978, when Luciani was Bishop of Vittorio Veneto and Patriarch of Venice.

Luciani took on the challenges that secularism presented to the faith of Catholics in the period immediately before, during and after the Second Vatican Council; most of them are still with us today. In his vivid and original style, he offers his reflections on the first Year of Faith in 1967-68, the mysteries of Catholic belief such as the Incarnation and Redemption, the Eucharist, the Cross, death and eternal life. He also speaks of evangelization and catechesis, birth control and abortion, faith and science, the meaning of the Church, the papal Magisterium, pluralism, ecumenism, prayer, devotion to Our Lady, and above all, becoming saints.
His writings inspire by the clarity, charm and wisdom, but above all by their passion.

“The truths of faith,” he says, “are not cold, inert things, but incandescent fire, on that urges us on, makes us restless, a fire bursting with energy that compels us to take eager and passionate action.”

He shows how living the faith each day is, as he said: “a passionate and passion-inspiring adventure” for someone in love with God.
Lori Pieper received her Ph.D. in History from Fordham University. Her books include The Greatest of These in Love: the Life of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She has had articles published in a number of periodicals, including Our Sunday Visitor, The Catholic Digest and L’Osservatore Romano. She works as a professional translator, lives in the Bronx, New York, and blogs at On Pilgrimage. (www.pilgrimage.subcreators.com).


Our Mission

Albino Luciani’s life was a humble and hidden one. This obscure cardinal was elected Pope to everyone’s amazement on August 26, 1978. He left more amazement and consternation behind him when he died suddenly after only a month as Pope. It might not seem that his papacy had much influence, but the strrength of that influence is being revealed more and more with time, especially since his canonization process was started in 2003.

On October 17, 2012, we marked the 100th anniversary of his birth. During that same week, on October 11, the Church commemorated the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and opened the Year of Faith promulgated by Pope Benedict XVI. The same month of October also saw the Synod on the New Evangelization.

This convergence of events seems providential to me, because Papa Luciani’s life as a priest and bishop was dedicated to furthering the Catholic faith through evangelization, and purifying it through holiness of life. Above all, his efforts were directed toward fulfilling the aims of Vatican II for the advancement and renewal of the faith in the life of the Church. During this Year of Faith, our efforts will be directed toward understanding his life and his message.


Announcing the Pope John Paul I Association

I am happy to announce the creation of the Pope John Paul I Association. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to spread knowledge about and encourage study of this Pope’s writings, spirituality and teachings, and to promote the cause for his canonization. The first steps to organize it were taken during the period leading up to the centenary conference in Queens, New York in October 2012. It was incorporated in February 2013.

Our next project is to publish the conference papers and audio. We hope to have more conferences, workshops and talks.